by Tara Agacayak on December 28, 2010

Creative entrepreneurs are good communicators. Or at least they should learn to be.

In The Science of Blogging, Dan Zarella suggests that you “talk as yourself, not about yourself”.

But perhaps just a little side note that we’re going through a significant life challenge might be worthwhile.


Because sometime in the course of your professional life you may be called upon to help care for an ailing family member.

Though you may not be able to speak of the emotional trials this involves, you will want people to know that your regular schedule will be interrupted. That it might take you a little bit longer to respond to an email, or retweet a link.

As life runs its course, the work remains.

In the work there is balance; a grounded counterweight to the upheaval of watching your loved one slip away before your eyes.

When you communicate to your community of family, friends, colleagues and clients they will respond in kind.

Though globally scattered, they will reach out to you through the ether in text messages, tweets, phone calls and Facebook posts.

You will feel them with you even though you might be physically alone.

And it will touch your work.

It will enrich your soil and enable you to keep growing.

Because people can relate to your humanity, they will connect with your experience.

The kind of life that fosters creative entrepreneurship merits flexibility and a web platform enables this.

Life does not stop – there will be weddings to attend in California, funerals in Turkey, births, celebrations, holidays.

And because of the creative business you are developing you will be there for all of it and your work will go with you.

A life intertwined with work meshed with life.

As it should be.

Don’t you think?

This was written a week after we laid my father-in-law to rest in December 2012. This post is lovingly written in his memory.

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