My Mentors

We develop our own mastery by learning from those who have walked the path ahead of us.

I am proud to bring the things that I’ve learned from my own mentors into the work I do with my clients.

I have worked, studied and mentored with:

  • Holly Becker
  • Lindsay Wilson
  • Gina Devee
  • LaRue Eppler
  • Megan Huber
  • Shawn Huber
  • Bonita Banducci
  • Linda Alepin
  • Barbara Fittipaldi
  • Marianne Williamson
  • Marci Laughlin

Not to mention the hundreds of coaches in the Divine Living Academy community that I’ve met in the two years I’ve participated in this program.

It is my honor to incorporate their teachings and mentorship into the work I do with my own clients.