Build Your Wealth Platform

by Tara Agacayak on January 13, 2016

What is Wealth Platform?

What is a wealth platform?

A solid wealth platform is the state of having enough resources to fulfill your desires.

Enough means just the right amount – not too much and not too little.

Too little and you are not fully supported.

Too much and you must be able to properly manage the excess without it going to waste.

You can organize a wealth platform into four categories:

And a wealth platform is an abundance of these four resources.

Abundance means that there is enough of these resources for you to fulfill your desires.

AND that there is enough for everyone else to fulfill their desires too.

All of these resources are really energy.

The Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy is neither created nor destroyed, it only changes form.

For example:

If you have a $5 bill and you use it to pay for a bottle of water, then the $5 bill gets transferred into a bottle of water for you, and the bill is put into the cash register.  Later the $5 bill becomes change for the next customer who uses it to pay a tip to the valet. At the end of the week, the valet collects all his tips and uses it to buy a textbook for school.

The money is not created or destroyed, but merely transforms.

Money as a form of energy can be used over and over and change form infinitely.

By itself it is neutral.

We give it meaning and purpose with our desires, intentions, thoughts and actions.

If you imagine the four resources of time, energy, health and money as pillars of a foundation – or like the legs of a table – you can imagine that when they are sturdy and strong, they also make the foundation strong.

The stronger the foundation, the more stable the work and life that are build and laid upon that foundation.

But if one leg were to become loose, your energy must be diverted to manage the problem thereby distracting you from your work.

It is not unlike the root chakra which is our energy center and our foundation.

When this foundation is solid and balanced, it supports the rest of our being and our life. When this chakra is balanced, we are grounded and secure.

Being sufficiently rooted and supported creates the stable foundation on which to build a joyful life.

This is my desire for you, and my invitation: to nurture these four pillars to support you in building a joyful life – the life you are meant to live.



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