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GWLN Brainstorm Challenge Winners

by Tara Agacayak on June 3, 2013

In May 2013, GWLN hosted an Innocentive Brainstorm Challenge with its partners Global Fund for WomenGlobal Leadership Advancement Center at San Jose State University, Mills CollegeMonterey Institute of International StudiesPublic Health InstituteWorld Pulse, and Salzburg Global Seminar at San Jose State University.

The goal of this crowdsourcing challenge was to seek innovative global solutions and generate new ideas on how to advance the development of leadership capacity in women and girls around the globe.

GWLN wanted to:

  1. Build a globally-engaged platform
  2. Identify and recommend appropriate partners and sponsors
  3. Outline “lessons learned” and critical success factors from other models

Based on the work GlobalNiche had done and lessons we’d learned building global community, I drafted a GlobalNiche proposal to submit to the challenge. We suggested using free and available social web technology combined with GlobalNiche methodology to create a global network of 5 million women leaders and our idea won.


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