Book Proposal & Creation Plan

Share Your Knowledge & Experience

Writing your book is an opportunity for you to share your ideas and self-expression with others. Sharing this book will open up more opportunities for you personally and professionally.

Starting with your book proposal not only helps to make the writing process smoother, it will also give you a solid writing plan, a chance to establish your writing practice, build your author platform, set up business structures and an opportunity to build strong writing habits going forward.

You will be accountable for completing and sending various pieces of the book proposal before each call. This will help you manage your time in an efficient way while building a comfortable pace and momentum. I will act as your project manager, keeping you on track, giving you feedback, and guiding you so you can put together your proposal and send it to publishers and agents.

You will also receive guidance for setting up and activating your media platform, networking with your audience, establishing your mailing list, and communicating your ideas even before your book is launched.

Once your book proposal is prepared, you’ll begin writing based on the plan from your proposal and you’ll begin sending out query letters to the agents and publishers you’ve identified in your genre.

Congratulations! The time and resources you are devoting to writing your book really are an investment in yourself and your own personal and professional development. The resources you devote to this project will help take you to the next level in life. Not only that, people who read your book and connect with you through your platform will also benefit from your work and your ideas.

FourPhase Plan

In order to complete the book proposal, I have charted out four phases:

Phase One: Wealth Platform Mindset

We have a variety of desires in our heart at any moment, and sometimes it seems like they may be in competition with each other. I have learned they don’t have to compete, you can create a life that is in harmony rather than dissonance. In order for you to do this, you must have a mindset and structures in place to support you.

Before you begin working on your book proposal and creating your book, I will work with you to establish a Wealth Platform Mindset – a set of guidelines for creating a supportive life platform that will enable you to do your best work without burning yourself out. As your coach and facilitator, I desire to see you succeed so it is important that you have the structures in place to help you as you write your book.

At the end of phase one you will have developed a supportive mindset in order to fruitfully manage your time, energy, health and money resources.

Phase Two: Book Proposal

Once you have established your wealth platform, the next phase will be to write the majority of the book proposal. This will give you a plan not only for how you will write the book, but also for how you will market it, launch it, and to understand how it can be used as part of a larger business plan.

At the end of phase two you will:

  • Articulate the problem your book will solve
  • Propose your unique solution to this problem
  • Make your business case by explaining how people will benefit from reading your book
  • Know how many chapters your book will be + the names of the chapters
  • Know your readers
  • Know the market for your book
  • Create a working title
  • Create your author marketing platform + marketing plan

Phase Three: Writing & Creating

After having completed the first part of your book proposal, you will be ready to do two things: begin connecting with agents and publishers as well as have a plan in place to write and create the book. You will also have ideas for how to engage with your readers as you write the book, thereby creating an audience ready to buy your book when it launches as well as ready to connect deeper and wider with your message and your work.

At the end of phase three you will:

  • Be writing your book based on the plan from your proposal
  • Be supported by your wealth platform mindset
  • Be supported by your coach to maintain momentum, motivation and the habits and practices you established while writing your proposal
  • Have a networking platform to publish, market and sell your book
  • Have a system for collecting the names of people interested in your book and your ideas
  • Send query letters to agents and publishers
  • Be ready to accept a book contract

Phase Four: Business Structures & Launch

As you publish and launch your book, you will be ready to share it with your waiting audience and have the business structures in place to get the message out and develop a business model around the ideas in your book.

Invest in your success

If you’re ready to begin your book creation process, review your payment options and schedule a call to see if we would make a good team.