by Tara Agacayak on August 16, 2010

You are in unfamiliar territory.

All the rules have changed.

To survive you write new rules.

And you sense that something inside of you is superior to your circumstances. By digging to find more, you discover yourself.

With that spark you craft a self-based endeavor that turns into a project, a business, a movement.










That’s what it means to bloom where you’re planted – it means that no matter where you find yourself, no matter the circumstances, you find a way to thrive and be fruitful.

The restraint of limiting circumstances forces you to be creative, shaping you and carving your path.

My definition of a creative entrepreneur is someone whose compromising circumstances forced their professional development and guided them to deeper self-discovery. Or someone whose unconventional life helped them find themselves through which they created an innovative business model.

Creative entrepreneurs innovate through narrow spaces.

Rose Deniz explains this beautifully when she talks or writes about the Art of Cultivating a Creative Life.

Non-traditional circumstances shape self.

Anastasia Ashman describes this as our Global Niche; finding where you fit in no matter where you find yourself.

Self shapes an endeavor.

Ethan Zuckerman talks about innovating from constraint.

An endeavor uses innovation and technology as a vehicle for self-actualization.

Anne Beiler did it after her baby daughter was killed.

Francesco Clark did it after experts predicted he couldn’t.

The Creme Brulee Man does it (rouguely) on the streets of San Francisco.

You do it too.

You do it when you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

You do it because you have to.

And having to leads you home … to yourself.

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