Use these affirmations in your own morning routine or use them to inspire your own affirmations.

You get what you focus on!

Choose to focus on the things that will help you realize your desires in life and in business.

  • I see myself always having more than enough money in my bank accounts and my wallet
  • I see myself with at least nine months of living expenses available for me and my family
  • I see myself being of useful service in the world
  • I see myself with more than enough clients at all times
  • I see my clients super excited to work with me!
  • I see my clients paying me with joy and excitement!
  • I see my customers enjoying the product/service I provide
  • I see my product/service making the world more beautiful/peaceful/healthy/joyful/serene
  • I see my clients/customers appreciating me
  • I see myself receiving a consistent flow of income doing work I love and enjoy that is of service in the world
  • I see myself with an abundance of time, energy, health and money
  • I see myself healthy, confident, productive, wealthy and joyful
  • I see myself enjoying the fruits of my labor
  • I see my life in balance between activity and rest, work and play, solitude and social activity
  • I see myself with all the resources I need to fulfill my deepest desires and more
  • I see myself with an abundance of resources

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