5 Reasons to Create Packages for Your Products & Services

by Tara Agacayak on June 26, 2016

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In a recent poll, I asked what would help you grow your business.

It was a tie between social media marketing calendar and help with packages and pricing.

First up, let’s talk about these five reasons packaging your products and services can help you grow your business.

Then, watch this recorded session of office hours on this topic where I answered questions from the community

Here are the five reasons you might want to consider creating packages for your products and services:


1. To create predictable income

One of my clients was selling her styling services a la carte. One month she would be super busy, and the next she wouldn’t. By creating packages for her services and allowing clients to pay in installments, she was able to create predictable income for herself and know exactly how much money would be coming in three months in advance.


2. To give your clients an opportunity for greater results/success

Another client is a personal trainer and she noticed when she signed her clients up hourly, they would often not how up, delay their workouts, and generally not get the ideal results in their personal fitness. However, when she designed a package for them, she saw that they were more committed to their results and had greater successes over the longer term.


3. To make it easier for your clients to decide what they want to buy from you

Packages work for product-based businesses too. When I was running my handcrafted boutique, we would often create “sets” of things, like handmade soap and hand-loomed Turkish towels. It made it easier for them to buy gifts for example, or envision how different products could be used together.


4. To simplify your business model

Think about the idea of pruning here. A rose bush with too many branches spends a lot of energy producing lackluster roses. The less branches, the more focused the energy can be creating a superior rose. The same is true in your business. When you create packages of products or services, you get to direct your energy into doing that one thing really well rather than doing a bunch of things in fits and starts. You get to organize your energy.


5. To simplify your marketing

The more clear you are on what you have to sell and who you are selling it to, the easier it becomes to do your marketing and promotion. Think about it. If you are selling shoes, socks, umbrellas, and chewing gum, you have to adjust your marketing to each of those products. But what if you packaged the shoes, socks and umbrellas, ditched the chewing gum, and created a “Singing in the Rain” package? Now you can focus your marketing on a really, specific client. It makes your marketing much simpler. It gives everything a focus and a purpose.


What questions do you have about packaging for your creative business?

  • Do you want to know how to understand your client better?
  • Do you want to figure out how to price your packages?
  • Do you want some ideas about how you can market your packages once you figure out what they are?

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