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10 Tools for Your Social Web Platform

by Tara Agacayak on April 28, 2012

The International Professional Women of Istanbul Network invited me to lead a workshop on how to build and benefit from a professional web platform.

Because Istanbul is such a large city, it isn’t always easy to attend events in one part of the city or another. So rather than lead the workshop in IWI‘s office, I suggested offering the workshop virtually in my Linqto room so people could participate from the comfort of their home on Saturday morning. Plus, I wanted to record the workshop and make it available afterward in order to leverage and scale the value of what I had prepared and presented.

Approximately ten people attended the workshop live, but what been especially pleased with is how I was able to use this one-hour workshop frequently over the next two years to educate and demonstrate the power of the web to advance professional careers and entrepreneurial projects.

Watch the Workshop


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