I’m professional, organized and creative and I love designing systems and structures that help creative women achieve their goals.

I do for you what the champagne flute does for champagne —

I help you create the containers – the systems, structures, routines, rituals and habits  – that allow you to realize your dreams and achieve your goals without overwhelm and without chaos – so you can enjoy the champagne in a state of peace and calm.

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Rather than being restrictive or constrictive, structures give you freedom and peace of mind so you can realize your dreams in a simple way.

Over the last 12 years I’ve worked on independent entrepreneurial projects incorporating digital commerce, social media marketing, content development, and personal and professional growth through the social web. Before that I was a database designer for the US Department of Defense.

I’m the daughter of a painter and a nuclear-engineer; I studied psychology and information technology; I have a Reiki certification in energy healing; I live in a city that spans two continents and I live a lifestyle between two countries. I understand the function of duality and apply a holistic approach for a whole, integrated life: the hard and soft; masculine and feminine; creative and analytical.

My clients include women in technology, the arts, foreign policy, politics, linguistics, and academics. I work with them to dream up, create and complete books, films, businesses, papers, works of art and other projects conceived in the heart.

As your coach, I keep you focused, moving forward and flowing through obstacles in order to get your projects completed. I believe that you have all the answers, my job is simply to facilitate your access to what you already know.

I am results-oriented and I use structure so you can do the work that needs to be done in order to enjoy the champagne.

My clients go on to get published, invited to high-profile speaking opportunities, found transformative companies and organizations, attract attention to their work, increase their income and transform themselves in the process.

I enjoy helping creative women grow personally and professionally and would love to discover the goals for your project during a free Discovery Session.

I am as invested in you reaching your goal as I am in who you become in the process of getting there.


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