I’m professional, organized and creative and I love creating systems and structures to realize goals.

Most especially, I love creating schedules to help women manage their time better – so they can achieve their goals without burning out.

I have degrees in Psychology and Information Technology Management and gained experience as a data analyst & database designer for the US Department of Defense before moving to Turkey. I helped design and build an immense data warehouse housing 25-years of DoD data; a serious undertaking with massive results.

Over the last 12 years I’ve worked on independent entrepreneurial projects incorporating digital commerce, social media marketing, and personal and professional development through the social web.

I have worked with a number of women in foreign policy, politics, linguistics and socio-cultural studies to conceive of and complete their books, book proposals and author platforms. I keep them focused, moving forward and empower them to overcome obstacles to get their projects completed.

My clients go on to get published, invited to high-profile speaking opportunities, found transformative companies and organizations and bring greater awareness to their work.

I am available to work with women whose biggest challenge is managing their time.

I can help you visualize your time in a different way, by helping you create a schedule that leaves room for you to work with pleasure.

It all begins by making sure your have enough resources to fulfill your desires. You can learn how to do that right here.

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