I am an advisor to startups, scaleups, and business owners as well as professionals in academia, entertainment and the media.

My work stands on three pillars: who you are, the work you do, and the ways in which you serve others.

Combined, these three pillars result in the legacy you leave.


When I work with a client, we may work on just one of these pillars or a combination of two or three of them.

When we look at who you are being, this is an internal journey.

We look at your natural-born talents, gifts, inclinations, your personality, your desires, your background and where you feel called. This work is about diving inward, knowing and trusting yourself, and finding intrinsic motivation.


When we look at what you are doing, this is an external journey.

It is about how you put who you are to work in the world. Are you on a career path? Starting a business? Or growing a company? From the standpoint of who you are, how do set about doing what you do? This work is about strategy, planning, and taking action.


We are all here in some way to serve others in large ways or small ones.

Your gifts are given to you, but are not yours alone and they are meant to be shared. The purpose of life is not to find happiness, but fulfillment. With that in mind, doing work that you are called to do will always be in service to others, fulfilling you in the process.


Who you are + what you do + how you serve results in the legacy you leave.

For many of my clients, the legacy is manifested in a book, film, app, platform, business solution, or career. And for many of them, they end up exceeding their own goals because I help them see a bigger picture, create a larger vision, and imagine greater possibilities that come when who they are, what they do and how they serve are all working in alignment.